Dancing to Joy Division

Self conquest is the greatest of victories ~ Plato

Dancing to Joy Division

Self conquest is the greatest of victories ~ Plato

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Live life on your own terms

There comes a point when you realise that you have little control over your own life; not real control anyway. We always think we do, I mean, we work in jobs we enjoy most of the time, we live by the guidelines set out for us, we buy the products we need and we enjoy.

A Ghost

In the absence of the mind, the slow death of the heart, the air grows perilously thin. Your lungs begin to shrink, your eyes grow weak and you begin to only hear silence. Time grows longer and days become weary. Measures of distance are amplified, becoming relative to meaning. A loneliness embodies your existence, borrowing.

There are days …

There are days that just make no sense and days that are consumed by a cloud of doubt and confusion. Sometimes all we can do is plough into the darkness, holding nothing back, with arms wide open. If we don’t enter the darkness, we don’t learn anything; all we do is tread lightly around our.

Societys Deafening Silence

Siting in a room of deafening silence, feeling the clock tick over, in an atmosphere that is stagnating, we ponder the realities that envelope us. While we are guilty of letting personal fault deepen, we find ourselves persistently analysing faults and cracks in the society that surrounds us. where ignorance and intolerance prevail causing a.

Silence and Solitude

A darkness fills the room, and emptiness is created like no other. I sit still, drink in hand. Silence surrounds and flows through the air, it becomes so thick words fail to pass through it. The world sits still, for a time a tranquility is created in the depths of absolute emptiness. I find solitude.


There comes a point where we rethink our lives, our dreams, our desires and the path of our fate. We accomplish the ideals we set out for ourselves so long ago, and now with a mind so open, we are free to explore again. After living in a world so closed, so out of shape,.


In the mix of a darkness that had entwined our lives, the struggles we fought, the ideas and beliefs we held, there is always a singular event that catches our soul by surprise. We create rules, images and falsehoods to protect ourselves, measures of survival, we are running from a fleeting idea; an idea that.

Diffference of Opinion

Opinion and beliefs are all a product of perception, shaped and moulded on individual agendas, desires and ideals. This perceived insight acts as a proxy between the real world and the domain we choose to exist in. This multiplicity in comprehension causes friction and conflict between identities. Where an external party’s endeavor to influence the.

Fear and Uncertainty

There are few things that scare us within this world. We acknowledge these triggers and why they instigate the need and reaction to fade away. We design methods for handling and manipulating these emotions and reactions, to minimise the effect and to control ourselves in times of chaos. However it is only at times when.

Trust and Instinct

Sometimes we believe we have ourselves worked out. With a decent understanding of our thoughts and beliefs, our ideals and motives; we live our lives the way we do. Whether it could be by some distinct cosmic interference, a mystical force of nature or pure coincidence; we find ourselves facing an unexpected and intense moment..