Societys Deafening Silence

Siting in a room of deafening silence, feeling the clock tick over, in an atmosphere that is stagnating, we ponder the realities that envelope us. While we are guilty of letting personal fault deepen, we find ourselves persistently analysing faults and cracks in the society that surrounds us. where ignorance and intolerance prevail causing a collapse of social norms and selflessness.

We dream of a life more than what is, we expect more from others than we know they can give, to have held onto ideals that at times, seem irrelevant in the mechanisms our society is building for itself. To pursue the idea of a present day nirvana, striving for a more deeper understanding than what we possess. Where elation is found in the pages of books, the warmth of her body, an endless imagination and a life of exploration and discovery; can we allow society to poison the foundation of these dreams?

If one was to sit in this silence, and weigh up the life we want and the ideals to live it by, against the normality of society, one statement holds true; we are all mad.