So here we are. Originally this website was a web development project that has morphed into something else. The project has been through various stages of hacks, and then I starting from scratch with the back-end and interface written entirely by myself; but alas, I got lazy and have converted to a CMS platform.

Originally entitled, ‘Depth Perception’, our ability to perceive in three dimensions, it has now be retitled ‘Dancing to Joy Division’, because at heart, I believe that sometimes even when something feels unnatural or unconventional, if its right and fun, who cares. Without trying to be angst, I merely write to open my mind and my heart, to let it metaphorically bleed on the page rather than hemorrhage on the inside.

Not everything on here is my own. I’ll reference quotes and other texts, the thoughts of others that parallel my own, or that provoke a certain idea.

Some has been written for literature, some maybe just venting, but nearly all of it is aimed at a philosophical or non-conventional level with varying meanings and degree’s of seriousness. It is one thing we do not do enough anymore, as a society and as a culture, and that is to ponder and reflect. We no longer question our lives, the systems around us or the reality that is presented to us. I hope to bring you those questions and thoughts through this medium.

So what about me? My name is Craig and I’ve always stuck to the idea of telling it how it is and standing up for what you believe in. After I completed my Undergraduates degree, I had started to travel the world (personal not business) and I realised just how small my viewpoint was and how conventional my thinking and beliefs were. While I thought I knew enough and was open minded – I realised I was wrong, and decided to change that. I have strived for nothing less ever since [late 2009].

I hope you enjoy the content and ideas as much as I have in creating it, and if you can take away one thing from all of this; question everything, including the status quo.