Dancing to Joy Division

Self conquest is the greatest of victories ~ Plato

Dancing to Joy Division

Self conquest is the greatest of victories ~ Plato

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To sit somewhere, and feel more alone than ever before. Staring into the distance. Lost in thought. To feel the first moist droplet form and roll down your cheeks and into your lap. To feel the rest flow, silently, down the same path as the first. Each droplet representing every moment had, every moment felt,.

Into the Abyss

At the critical moment, when all else is falling apart, roads are caving in, clouds are closing in; a long darkness envelopes the mind. A darkness we created. Sometimes we forget, we lose sight, we fall over. In the darkest of nights we become the very thing we hate. We embody the very darkness we.

Hedonism and Misfortune

If the immediate and direct purpose of our life is not suffering then our existence is the most ill-adapted to its purpose in the world: for it is absurd to suppose that the endless affliction of which the world is everywhere full, and which arises out of the need and distress pertaining essentially to life,.

Live As If Your Dreaming

To live life without restraints, on your own terms, to be liberated with each passing moment; moments that aren’t fleeting but recurring, longing and everlasting. To be uplifted, and see passion and character in all facets of life. To live as if your dreaming, to dream as if your always asleep. This is life, nothing.

Why I don’t own a TV.

Stranger A: Are you watching My Kitchen Rules? Stranger B: I am, but it’s not as good as last season. Stranger A: I know, but there isn’t anything else to watch at 7:30pm; it’s either The Block, My Kitchen Rules or American Idol. [turns to me] What do you watch? Craig: I don’t own a.

On ‘Settling Down’

The phrase ‘settle down’ immediately makes me convulse; as if someone has just nailed my voodoo doll to a wall. To some this is a seemingly innocent phrase with intentions of ‘maturity’ and ‘adulthood’, while the true meaning of this phrase is deeply ingrained in the idea of giving up; with intentions of lying down.

Finishing Old Chapters

All of the adventures in our lives can be bound and defined by chapters, with main themes and specific meaning. Characters may come and go between chapters, but each chapter is standalone; varying from University, time spent overseas, to partners and lovers. We write these as chapters because once it is over, and the pages.

In Search of Validation

This was originally written as a personal response to a close friend based on this post, however it deserves open viewing in its own right. Before I start I just want to clarify a point, when discussing conformism I am really looking at the deeply ingrained trend in society that creates a singular identity that.

Inspiring Creativity and Passion

Sometimes you just meet someone who kick starts your energy and passion into overdrive. A brief encounter with a butterfly on the other side of the world. I met you dancing; where you put everyone to shame. Every guy wanted to be with you, every girl wanted to be you. You were a beacon of.

Cherry Lips …

This is a story with many meanings, all of them intertwined; but I won’t spell it out for you. So there we were, the fourth night in two weeks with a solitary purpose, have fun. With a growing desire for a real distraction and dressed to the nines, we headed out after a party. After.