Perception of Reality

We live in a world each unto its own,
where the reality is based on our perceptions and what we choose to accept.
This reality is also bound by what we are told; the ‘facts’.
However these facts are fickle and are easily distorted.
Everything we believe and accept are driven by our emotions,
which are as fickle as the chemicals that produce them.
We build our beliefs on our reality, and as our view of reality changes, so do our beliefs.
This is all well and good until your realise and accept the wider reality.
When the integrity of others does not match your own,
and neither do the altruistic feelings.
Sometimes our reality changes for a brief moment,
triggered by something we believe is true,
generally told by someone else,
with it having a large impact on your reality.
And for that brief moment there is hope until the real truth be told or circumstances change.
At this point you do not know what to say or believe, but nothing changes the destroyed hope.