Life As We Know It

At times we can no longer find a reason for living or a point to our lives.
However, there is always a reason to continue on in life,
in dark times it is usually blinded or hidden under the emotion,
hurt and sadness that suffocates our thoughts.

Life is continually moving forward, changing and shaping who we are.
Life is always throwing problems at us,
we deal with them on a day to day basis,
though at times we are overwhelmed by these problems.
It is how we deal with and bounce back from life’s problems,
that defines who we are.

We may lose the one we love or just simply feel overpowered by life itself.
But as some doors close, others open.
We need to overcome our problems and prevail:
before the ‘now’- open doors become closed.

Life never stops moving forward, and we need to keep moving forward with it.

We can love people who don’t love us in return,
people can disregard who we are;
but can we allow others to interfere with our lives so much,
that we stop it for them?

Life isn’t fair, but you can always overcome its challenges.

Life is never comprised of nothing,
we will always have feelings, friends,
happiness and a reason for living.

The world is a big place, so is life:
Explore It.